Rico’s Lechon now Offers Humba!

Humba sa Rico's Lechon
Rico’s Lechon Humba

Humba is a pork dish that may look like the famous pork adobo. But unknown to most, it is the amalgamation of three words — “Humot nga Baboy” (deliciously smelling pork meat).

But unknown to many, the epic Humba is a Bisaya recipe that is found on most Visayan tables during special occassions like Fiesta and the likes.

Ask any Cebuano or Bisaya and they will definitely mention Humba as one of the things that they love.

Rico’s Lechon heard you and we are opening the authentic Rico’s version of this Visayan favorite to everyone!

Just right after lenten season, you are treated to this Cebuano gastronomic feast side-by-side our delicious Rico’s Lechon.

Hala anhi na sa Rico’s ug mangaon ta ug Humba!

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