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Do You Know What Makes Rico’s Lechon Delicious?

A trip to Cebu is never complete without trying the famous Cebu lechon. In one of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation episodes, he even declared that Cebu’s lechon is the “best pig ever!” But what makes their version of pig special?

The lechon is roasted until the flavor-packed skin is golden-brown and crispy

The best example is Rico’s Lechon. Ask locals and they’ll point you to Rico’s Lechon, famous for their spicy lechon since it opened in 1997. What makes these pigs unique is that they are all native and organic pigs. Before these pigs are roasted, they are stuffed with a variety of herbs and spiced before it is roasted over a pit of charcoal. Additionally, they add spring onions and garlic in the stuffing to give it an aroma and a more distinctive taste.

But the star of the show is the pig’s skin—this is what people usually love and scramble for. If you are a fan of pig’s skin, Rico’slechon is seriously a must-try! They roast their pigs until the skin is golden-brown and crunchy—so crisp that you’ll even hear a loud crack from each bite.

Dip the lechon in their delicious homemade SukaLami. It is best combined with calamansi. 

With Rico’s lechon, you can opt to not dip it in sarsa (sauce) since every bite is flavorful from the herbs. But if you want to intensify the flavors, dip the lechon in Rico’s homemade SukaLami and calamansi!

Rico’s Lechon will have it’s grand opening branch in Bonifacio Global City this August 3, 2018. For inquiries, you may contact Rico’s Lechon BGC at (0917) 844-7067.


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