Cebu’s Best gets a boost

CELEBRATING WITH THE BEST OF CEBU. Winners of the Best of Cebu 2014, who gave guests a taste of their products and services in a party last Friday in the Oakridge Pavilion, say the recognition has built up their confidence and gained them more customers. Disclosure: The Best of Cebu, now on its second year, is a search organized by Sun.Star Publishing Inc. Its winners are featured every year in a special edition of the Sun.Star Cebu Weekend magazine and the Best of Cebu party. (Sun.Star Foto/Amper Campaña)

WINNERS of the Best of Cebu 2014 reported increased sales and customer following after their inclusion in the annual search.

Orange Karenderia owner Michael Pato said that since they got recognized in 2013 for the Best Tuna Buntot (Tail), orders for this particular dish doubled compared to that of the previous years. Customers also began trying their other dishes including Betsy’s Crispy Chicken, which won the Best Chicken Dish for 2014.

“The recognition really helped us a lot in exposure and marketing. We noticed a significant hike in sales as well as in customer traffic. And people begin asking us about the Best of Cebu award,” said Pato at the sidelines of Sun.Star Cebu’s Best of Cebu 2014 party held in the Oakridge Pavillion last Friday night.

Orange Karenderia, which was founded three years ago, prepares and sells an average of 600 kilos of garlic chicken and two tons of tuna tail per month. Due to the rising market feedback, the owners said they will expand to areas outside Cebu, such as Bacolod and Cagayan de Oro City.

In Cebu, Orange Karenderia has three branches located in Mandaue; Salinas Drive in Lahug, Cebu City; and in Mactan.

Also a second-time winner, Pizzeria Michelangelo, which won the Best Pizza, welcomed the award saying this will further strengthen their credibility.
“The award helped us a lot to be more recognized. Although other organizations have already recognized us and gave us positive ratings as one of the best places for pizza, the Best of Cebu award is an additional testament to the quality of food we offer to the dining public,” said Mary Sheena Sarmiento, manager of Pizzeria Michelangelo.

Enrico Dionson, owner of the well-loved Rico’s Lechon, brought five lechons (roasted pig) last Friday and was a popular stop among guests.

“The award is a formal recognition of all our hard work and the passion we put into the business. We are overwhelmed by the Cebuanos’ continued patronage of our product,” said Dionson. He added that he always looks forward to the event as it is also an avenue for them to expand their client base.

As of 8 p.m last Friday, Rico’s got three lechon orders from their fellow Best of Cebu 2014 winners.

Titay’s of Liloan, hailed as the makers of the Best Rosquillos in 2014, noted that the Best of Cebu award was a big help in boosting the marketing initiatives of the brand, which is now present across the country in malls, supermarkets and pasalubong (gift) centers.

“The award helps us prove that we really are the best and original maker of rosquillos. Aside from that, it will surely help us reach more clients as we embark on more aggressive marketing campaigns,” said Joanne Kristine Riveral, sales officer of Titay’s.

Aside from food and drinks, the event also featured a row of winners who provide the best services, ranging from massages and haircuts to yoga lessons and skin care.

“When clients visit our spa and see the Best of Cebu logo, they say, ‘Wow!” and this helps give them the feeling that they are in the right spa and that we will be able to deliver what they expected of us,” said Mitch Noel, operations manager of Grand Royal Spa, Best of Cebu 2014 winner for Best Budget Spa.

Grand Royal Spa has seven branches including their sister-company Oriental Spa. On the average, the spa can deliver 2,000 services per branch per month.

First-time winners said they expect the recognition will help them gain more customers and build more business confidence.

“It is too early to determine if the award has helped improve our sales but what this award does is that it helps in increasing the exposure of the homegrown brands like us. It gives us free publicity especially in these times when competition in the food and drink segment is getting tougher,” said Dr. Rachel Lim, owner of Dessert Factory, Best of Cebu’s 2014 winner for Best Red Velvet Cake.

“Although we have already gained a huge following in all our 24 branches, the recognition as the Best of Cebu helps people become more aware of our products and it adds to the credibility and confidence in the quality of our breads,” said Analyn Samson, operations assistant manager of Budong Malunggay Pandesal, Best of Cebu’s 2014 Best Pandesal. Sun.Star Cebu’s Best of Cebu 2014 recognized 101 winners across eight categories, in the second year of the annual search. About 50 of these winners participated during last Friday’s Best of Cebu 2014 exhibition.

Source: Sunstar

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