Cebu has long been considered as the Lechon Capital of the Philippines and, when it comes to Cebu’s lechon, only one name truly rings a bell: the “Home of Cebu’s Best Lechon” — Rico’s Lechon.

However, just like any other success story, Rico’s journey to the top wasn’t one that was easy.


How Rico’s Lechon Started

Cebu’s Best Lechon

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The company’s founder, Mr. Enrico “Rico” Dionson, started out as a taker of bets in a cockfight arena ever since he was a teenager. His measly income made it hard to support his family which was why he decided to venture into the lechon business.

He got the word out by giving samples and calling cards to his as many of his friends and clients as possible. Establishing his name in the industry was not easy. In fact, his first customer feedback informed him that his lechon was too salty.

This was what pushed Rico to master his craft even further and to make sure that every single one of his lechons are of the best quality.

Rico’s Lechon finally got its big break when former president Joseph Estrada discovered his best-tasting roasted pigs through a common friend. He was among the three providers to undergo the taste test.

Not surprisingly, it was his that stood out most and the former president had him flown to the Malacañang Palace to prepare dozens of the Filipino favorite there.

The business then took off. Eventually, they started introducing the spicy lechon variety into their menu.

Currently, Rico’s Lechon sells around 2,000 to 4,000 pieces of Cebu’s Best Lechon every month to customers from all over the country. His clientele also includes big names in politics and show business.

The Leadership of Cebu’s Best Rico’s Lechon

More than a family business, Rico’s Lechon is now a full-blown corporation headed by the King of Lechonero’s himself with his trusted kins:

Founder President and CEO
General Manager - Corporate Division
General Manager - Restaurant Operations Division
Head for Sales and Marketing
Head of Purchasing


Aiming to be #DaBestGyud!

Home of Cebu's Best Lechon

Home of Cebu’s Best Lechon

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Standing out in a huge sea of lechon businesses is clearly no easy feat. Rico’s Lechon continues to proudly wave its flag of excellence by using only the finest ingredients, offering the best prices and ensuring customer satisfaction in every lechon that they sell.

Just recently, the company decided to improve its services even further – 2016 is a year of many things for them.

Rico’s Lechon unveiled its new logo which showcased their pig mascot in the traditional Pinoy garb, holding a bamboo pole of silis. The peppers are there to tell the whole world that it was Rico’s that pioneered the spicy flavored lechon that many people have grown to love.

Of course, the logo is not complete without the words ‘Rico’s’, ‘Lechon’ and ‘Cebu’s Best’. Rico’s wants to make sure that their name stands out and that people associate the brand with providing only the best lechon that Cebu has to offer.

Along with the unveiling of the new logo is the launching of their newest restaurant located at the Mactan Promenade.

Being a household name for Filipino food that is always present in special gatherings with friends and family, Rico’s wanted to make sure that the newest dining spot in town gives off a comfortable and inviting vibe that will make diners feel right at home. The entire restaurant was designed to showcase the ‘Old Cebu with a Twist’ ambiance in mind.

Diners are also constantly serenaded with Da Best Gyud in Cebuano music by partnering with a group of musicians in Cebu called ArtistKo, who will showcase their best works. The carefully-selected playlist also takes pride in the original jingle written especially for Rico’s Lechon.

To cap off the recent changes made by the company, all the restaurant service staff will also be wearing their colorful new attire.

Clearly, Rico’s Lechon is not just about giving #DaBestGyud in terms of lechon and Filipino food, they are also about aiming to provide the best customer experience in every way possible.

Great Ambiance, Great Food

Cebu’s Best Lechon

Rico’s Lechon at Mactan Promenade, Lapu-lapu City. Courtesy of

No longer is Rico’s just about lechon, although that is exactly what is at the heart of the company.

When you drop by the new Rico’s Lechon for a complete dining experience, you will also be served with favorite Filipino food. Treats in their menu include the Special Boneless Danggit, Blue Marlin, Bicol Express, Kinilaw (ceviche), Calamares, Camaron Rebosado, Squid Balls, Sinigang, Tinola, Pinakbet, Caldereta, Chopsuey, Pancit Canton and many more.

Obviously, food options that play around their most famous product are also available. You are sure to drool over specials such as the Prichon (or Pritong Lechon), Lechon Sisig, Lechon Paksiw, Lechon Salpicao, Lechon Dinugguan (pork blood stew), Lechon Chicharon and Sinigang na Lechon.

To top the menu off is Cebu’s Best Lechon which is widely known for its crispy skin and savory meat. If you are more of the adventurous diner type, you can always order the original spicy lechon, too.

The new restaurant also takes pride in other new additions to their menu including the Cucumansi (Cucumber and Kalamansi) Quencher, Calamansi Cooler and the Green Mango Cooler.

To help them with the overhauling of their restaurant menu, Rico’s has also hired a Food Technologist to keep them updated with trends in the food industry. You can be sure that the customer’s taste buds are always on top priority at the restaurant.

Bringing Cebu’s Best Lechon All over the Country

Cebu’s Best Lechon

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Although Rico’s has grown to become a Cebuano favorite over the years, the company wanted to make sure that they do not only cater to its local fans.

Rico’s has long provided an online ordering system for its loyal customers from outside of Cebu but nothing ever beats the restaurant dining experience.

As such, the new restaurant has been located at a very strategic location near the airport. This ensures that visitors, both foreign and local, can have a taste of Cebu’s Best Lechon as soon as they come to the island. Saying goodbyes has also become less heartbreaking because bringing back a piece of Cebu, the lechon, has become much easier through their takeout section.

Customers who wish to dine in at the Mactan Promenade can do so every day from 10:00am to 10:00pm.

The restaurant is also available for takeout orders from 8:00am to 10:00pm.  

For special orders, they can be contacted through their website at, via landline at (032) 344 0119 or (032) 239 2830 or via mobile at 0915 703 3964 or 0915 115 0248.